Requests for a listing from our database to be used in a printed directory are discouraged.  Certain exceptions apply:

  • Directories can be run for project-specific requests (e.g. a list of food shelves statewide for the purpose of service analysis.)

  • Directories can be run for community partners, or agencies that share a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 211.

Due to software constraints, Vermont 211 is unable to customize portions of the database in order to format directories.

It is a given that printed directories are outdated as soon as they are published.  Our Resource Team is continually updating our database.  The best way to get up-to-date and accurate information is to call the 211 number. Our trained I&R Specialists will help callers by listening to their needs in a non-threatening, non-judgmental manner and help them make informed decisions about possible solutions.  Further, I&R Specialists are aware of many nuances within the social service system.

Alternately, you may use the searchable online database at by clicking on the Community Resource Directory button on the left hand side of the page.  

Technology, software, and staffing are geared to the person seeking services. We encourage agencies and their clients to dial 211 for assistance. The service is confidential and available 24/7.


Vermont 2-1-1 Sample of Calls

8:21 am            Looking for legal aid number; getting an apartment; received info on tenants rights.

8:56 am            Looking for fuel assistance; transportation problems to pick up the forms.

9:26 am            Looking for help paying car insurance – retired, on disability.

9:29 am            Needs money for the bus to bring sick mother to the hospital.

9:40 am            Friend is missing – where else to call?

9:42 am            What kind of insurance covers eye care?

9:54 am            Told by a VT state agency to take parenting class – where and how?

9:58 am            Needs dental care for Bosnian youth.

9:59 am            Looking for financial help with medical bills for family member with Hep C.

10:01 am          Multiple issues, including chronically ill child, deployed husband, fired from job.

10:11 am          Looking for town office phone numbers and food shelf resources.

10:16 am          Needed a phone number – VT state agency.

10:27 am          Looking for a support group in area closest to home.

10:36 am          Struggling to find a job, staying in apartment, stress-related issues.

10:48 am          Tax preparation information requested.

10:51 am          Help to find missing relative, recently returned veteran.

10:54 am          Looking for agency to file complaint.

10:57 am          Tax prep appointment requested.

10:59 am          Looking for a phone number.

11:06 am          Repeat caller still looking for adequate housing since the holidays.

11:15 am          Looking for a phone number (saw 211 article in paper).

11:38 am          Tax preparation help needed.

11:45 am          Needed information for senior prescription assistance program.

11:57 am          An agency needing information on substance abuse treatment programs.

12:09 pm          Needed number for state agency.

12:24 pm          Needed number for a federal agency.

12:26 pm          Looking for financial assistance to fix home, also disabled, no assets.

12:26 pm          Tax preparation assistance.

12:40 pm          Help getting a business loan.

1:42 pm            Church calling for homeless person.

1:43 pm            Looking for discount heating oil distribution.

1:59 pm            Multiple needs: no electricity, no heat, disabled with children.

2:20 pm            Looking for food shelf.

2:21 pm            Tax preparation assistance.

2:24 pm            Looking for child care resources.

2:24 pm            Family member looking for medical help.

2:53 pm            Looking for transportation assistance, possibly car.

2:58 pm            Financial assistance for multiple needs: car, insurance, utilities, rent.

3:22 pm            Looking for gas vouchers to go job-hunting. 

3:26 pm            Child care subsidy assistance.

3:38 pm            Looking for lifeline service.

3:41 pm            Looking for fuel assistance.

3:48 pm            Financial help to help foster child.

4:10 pm            Tax preparation assistance.

4:43 pm            Agency looking for financial help for a client.

8:22 pm            Looking for crises intervention number.

8:37 pm            Looking for non-emergency police contact number.

8:29 am            Financial assistance – low income and newborn.

8:55 am            Looking for help to care for elderly parent.

9:11 am            Looking for assistance on questioning eviction notice.

9:19 am            No power for 3 days, no food or phone, has children.

10:27 am          Looking for senior housing.

10:37 am          Looking for housing deposit, voucher, community action assistance.

10:45 am          No heat, frozen pipes, low income.

11:01 am          Looking for legal assistance.

11:05 am          Looking for Dr. Dynasaur number.

11:08 am          Looking for youth mentoring programs.

11:17 am          Caller worried about a family living in motel.

11:24 am          Looking for Lions Club eyeglass program.

11:30 am          Looking for a correctional facility direct line.

10 Reasons to Call 211

Vermont 211 is a simple number to dial for information about health and human service organizations in your community.  By dialing 211, information is much easier to find.

At Vermont 211, callers will speak with a real person every time.  Call Specialists may help callers  problem solve and refer them to government programs, community based organizations and other local resources.  Vermont 211 specifics:

  1. No stigma, confidential: 211 provides a neutral, confidential resource for help in any situation.

  2. Alternative solutions and plans: 211 helps people with multi-faceted problems – such as a sudden serious illness. Many people need help but find it hard to formulate a plan. They just know what their predicament is.

  3. Help Through Phone, Website, Email, and Text: 211 can be used as an Information and Referral resource regardless of how people choose to connect to help. In today's internet service environment, people need the choice of personalized service – especially for those who are not computer literate.  Text your zip code to 898211 Monday-Friday 8am-10pm.

  4. Crime Victims: 211 could provide information to crime victims on services and benefits available to them.

  5. ESL Help: 211 helps non-English speaking people get comprehensive health and human service information.

  6. Information regarding State government offices and programs that provide state benefits.

  7. Rumor Control: 211 can provide a means to control rumors by providing one trusted information sources during events such as nuclear power plant failures.

  8. Donations of Goods: Whether you represent a corporation wishing to donate excess building materials or are a homeowner who is moving and would like to donate a large appliance to charity, 211 can be used to find an appropriate place to donate excess goods.

  9. For Kids: Parents and educators can teach kids to call 211 when they are faced with confusing, non-emergency situations and do not know where to turn.

  10. Help for Helpers: Social workers, clergy, doctors, legislators and other helpers who want to know how best to help the people they are serving can call 211.




Vermont 2-1-1 as Part of an N-1-1 System

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has designated certain telephone numbers as N11 codes.  An N11 code ("N-one-one" code) or N11 number is a three-digit abbreviated dialing telephone number within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which allows access to specific services.

Usage is listed in the NANP as follows:

2-1-1  Community services and information

3-1-1  Municipal government non-emergency services (3-1-1 is NOT used in Vermont)

4-1-1  Directory assistance (not officially assigned by the FCC)

5-1-1  Traffic/Road information (Available only online in Vermont:

6-1-1  Telephone company customer service and repair (not officially assigned by the FCC)

7-1-1  TDD and Relay services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

8-1-1  Underground public utility location (“Dig Safe”)

9-1-1  Emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)


Additional information