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If your agency, organization or program is interested in being included in the Vermont 2-1-1 database, please begin by taking the following steps:

  1. Review the Vermont 2-1-1 database Inclusion/Exclusion policy.

  2. Complete the agency, site and program forms.

  3. Submit the forms by email, mail or fax.

Our mailing address is:

United Ways of Vermont/Vermont 2-1-1

PO Box 111, Essex Junction, Vermont 05453

Our Fax number is (802) 861-2544

If your agency or program meets the Vermont 2-1-1 database Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria, then a standardized profile, edited in accordance with our style guidelines, will be created based on the information you provide.  For more information, contact Beth Diamond at bethd@unitedwaysvt.org.


Inclusion/Exclusion Policy

         Vermont 2-1-1 Database

Inclusion/Exclusion Policy

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 This policy was established by the Vermont 2-1-1 Collaborative in accordance with the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems (AIRS) Standards for Professional Information and Referral Services, Section II, Standard 5.

To be included in the Vermont 2-1-1 Resource Database, an Organization must first meet ALL THREE of the following GENERAL TERMS OF INCLUSION:


  1. Provides a health or human service for residents of Vermont.

  2. Is licensed or certified, when applicable.

  3. Has a consistently available contact person, location, and telephone number.  Access through an answering machine is acceptable.


The following entities are eligible for inclusion provided they meet all three general terms above:

  • Vermont’s municipal and state agencies and commissions, as well as selected federal agencies, which provide services to the general public or small businesses.

  • Private non-profit organizations considered charitable and/or educational.

  • Specialized information sources that maintain current and accurate information about organizations and practitioners such as nursing homes, residential care homes, assisted living residences, subsidized housing locations, licensed and registered providers of child care and early education, public schools, private schools, libraries, physicians, dentists, private mental health professionals, and lawyers.  See: ORGANIZATIONS OR SERVICES NOT INCLUDED TO AVOID DUPLICATION OF OTHER COMMUNITY DATABASES.

  • Churches, service organizations, and civic groups that offer a service to the community at large.

  • Organizations that are not eligible for 501(c)3 status, but meet all state licensing requirements, including (but not limited to) hospitals, health clinics, home health care agencies, chemical dependency treatment programs, and community counseling agencies.

  • Supervisory unions and school districts within Vermont, school readiness programs that serve the whole family (such as Head Start) and alternative private schools that serve children or youth with disabilities or behavioral/emotional disorders.

  • Out-of-state entities near the Vermont border that offer a health or human service not provided by a Vermont agency or a service more accessible to residents than the equivalent services offered within Vermont.


The following entities are eligible for inclusion at the discretion of the Resource Manager provided they meet the general terms of inclusion above:

  • For-profit organizations or individual proprietors, providing services not adequately available from the non-profit sector or offering free services or services with a sliding fee scale.  Examples include (but are not limited to) board and care facilities, sober houses, and companies that modify vehicles for people with disabilities..

  • Certain national or regional organizations that provide services that are not readily available through Vermont organizations; for example, British Charitable Society and Partnership for Prescription Assistance.


  • Information about organizations and practitioners adequately maintained in specialized databases and provided to the public by specialized information and referral sources.  These organizations and practitioners include nursing homes, residential care homes, assisted living residences, subsidized housing locations, licensed and registered providers of child care and early education, public schools, private schools, libraries, physicians, dentists, private mental health professionals, and lawyers.


  • Services available only to members of a certain group or affiliation.  For example, counseling available to a church's parishioners only.

  • Stand alone mutual support groups with no oversight from an organization with a board of directors.

  • Vermont 2-1-1 reserves the right to exclude from its database any organization that Vermont 2-1-1 has adequate reason to believe may spread hatred or have a philosophy that could be hurtful to the well-being of individuals, groups or the community as a whole. Potential grounds for exclusion or removal from the database may include, but are not limited to, service non-delivery, fraud, misrepresentation, discrimination, or criminal activities.

  • Vermont 2-1-1 reserves the right to refuse to list or to discontinue listings for organizations that have had serious complaints lodged against them with any regulatory body, with other organizations in the database providing similar services, or with Vermont 2-1-1 or United Ways of Vermont itself.


Decisions to include, exclude, or remove a service listing may be appealed by writing to the President of United Ways of Vermont after a reasonable attempt has been made to resolve the issue with Vermont 2-1-1 staff.


Although this policy indicates what agencies and services are eligible for inclusion in the database, Vermont 2-1-1 reserves the right to prioritize and limit entry.  Inclusion does not imply endorsement and omission does not indicate disapproval.


Information provided by organizations and individual service providers and included in the Vermont 2-1-1 Database will be made available to the general public through telephone information and referral, and an online searchable database of services.

Policy established September 17, 2002

Updated April, 2006

Updated November 20, 2007


For more information please contact:

Vermont 2-1-1
76 Pearl Street
PO Box 111                                                                                                             Essex Junction, VT 05453
(802) 861-0146 or dial 2-1-1
(802) 861-2544 fax




The Vermont 2-1-1 database contains information about community resources for callers throughout Vermont, including detailed data on health and human service programs.  The Vermont 2-1-1 database currently contains over 750 agencies, with more than 2,290 programs and 6,350 services, although we always welcome new programs and services in compliance with the Vermont 2-1-1 Inclusion/exclusion policy.   Types of agencies listed within our database:

  • Vermont’s municipal and state agencies.

  • Non-profit organizations.

  • Specialized information sources.

  • Churches, service organizations, civic groups with services available to the public.

  • Hospitals, health clinics, home health care.

  • chemical dependency treatment programs, community counseling agencies.

  • Supervisory unions, school districts, school readiness programs.

  • Out-of-state entities bordering VT that offer services to VT residents.


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