How We Collect Data

The Vermont 211 Database contains information about available community resources for people in Vermont, including detailed data on health and human services provided by government agencies and community organizations and the conditions under which services are available. The Database currently contains over 750 agencies, with more than 1,300 programs and 3,275 services, although we always welcome new programs and services.

If your agency or organization is interested in joining the 211 network of services, please do the following:

  • Read the Database Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria;

  • Complete the Agency and Program Survey forms;

  • Submit by fax, mail or email to the Database Manager

If the your program or agency meets the Database Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria, then a standardized profile is created based on the information you provide in accordance with our style guidelines.


How We Index an Agency's Services

United Way GET INFO uses the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems ( approved Taxonomy of Human Services, a standard indexing system used by human service information and referral systems throughout the United States.



Additional information