August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

Vaccines are among one of the greatest successes of modern medicine, enabling many people to live happy and productive lives where they once may have been unable to do so. The goal of National Immunization Awareness Month is to make the public aware of the importance of vaccines for all, from newborns to our elders.
Learn more about vaccines through the Vermont Department of Health and the US Department of Health and Human Services
Our Community Resource Database also has resources for
Vaccine Information and Flu Vaccines in Vermont!


Vermont 211 Annual Program Snapshot Page OneVermont 211 Annual Program Snapshot Page Two

In 2016, what were Vermonters most in need of?

Each year, we evaluate the services Vermonters were referred to the most and publish them as our Barometer of Community Needs. Curious about which services made the Top 10? Click here to find out!


Vermont 2-1-1 is the number to dial to find out about hundreds of important community resources, like emergency food and shelter, disability services, counseling, senior services, health care, child care, drug and alcohol programs, legal assistance, transportation agencies, educational and volunteer opportunities, and much more.


2-1-1 is not an emergency number like 9-1-1, nor is it directory assistance like 4-1-1.


2-1-1 is your first step toward solving everyday problems or

when you are facing difficult times.

It’s a free service. It’s confidential. It’s 24/7.


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